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InteliQR™ Technology

InteliQR™ Codes

Since the wide spread adoption of QR codes in various industries like advertising and payments, the data matrix technology is now recognised as a user-friendly and effective approach having an immense potential of solving modern day problems.

At Securematix™, we have already pushed the boundaries of data matrix with InteliQR™ technology to build cutting-edge solutions for Authenticity Verification, Document Security, Data Verification, Fraud Prevention, Tamper Protection, Military Communications, Business Perimeter Security, Proof of Presence, Security Patrol Tracking and Access Control Management.

Security Re-Imagined

Breaches occur every day, everywhere and every time. Security is never foolproof. It can only be hardened by using efficient protocols and processes. However, with innovation and technology, security can be strengthened to unimaginable heights.
Securematix™ pioneers in solving such modern-day security problems with cutting-edge innovation.


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