Instant Verification

An end to end authenticity verification and document security platform powered by InteliQR™ technology.

InteliQR™ Codes

Intelligence and Security to traditional QR Codes

The CipherPROOF™ platform is built using InteliQR™ technology.InteliQR™ is a closed sourced, proprietary technology developed and owned by Securematix™. InteliQR™ works using multiple rounds of encryption and string compression to secure and store the user/document data in a two-dimensional matrix barcode.

The stored data is unreadable by humans and machines.Only mobile phones having the CipherPROOF™ scanner can decrypt and parse the data to render the stored information.

No user or computer can create, modify or manipulate the codes generated by InteliQR™ which helps in prevention of forgery of data.

Encryption and Compression

The two-dimensional matrix barcode in the form of QR Codes can hold a maximum data size of 3kb. With InteliQR™, the data stored goes through 84 different rounds of encryption and string compression. This technology allows storage of secure textual as well as image data in traditional QR Codes which can be parsed only by the CipherPROOF™ scanner app.The InteliQR™ uses a combination of 4 different NSA-approved Type-3 encryption algorithms to securely store data using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The encrypted data is unbreakable even with quantum computing.

How CipherPROOF™ helps

protect your data, documents, merchandise and identity

► Once the genuine data related to the documents is encrypted, compressed and stored in the matrix barcode (QR Code), it cannot be modified, altered or manipulated in any which ways.

► Any modification to the data stored in QR Code will lead to failure of scanning. In case any correction needs to be done in the data, a new code needs to be generated.

► The generated QR Code needs to be stamped/printed on the document that needs to be protected.In the event of forgery, the data on the document will be altered but the QR Code cannot be altered.

► So even if the document is modified, it’s true details can be verified by scanning the QR Code.

CipherPROOF™ Platform Features

CipherPROOF™ and InteliQR™ Codes help organisations and governments to protect and verify data, merchandise, documents and identity with its powerful set of features.

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