Business Perimeter Security

Streamline your on-premise security. With GeoSCOPE™, track your team and gain real-time insights.

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Track and Monitor your
Business Perimeter Security

Strengthen security at your business premises, industrial units, factories, Special Economic Zones [[[SEZ]]], townships as well as government facilities. Gain real-time insights about your security team and live patrolling activities.

Why GeoSCOPE™ ?

Streamline your security

Every business organisation, government office as well residential establishments require round the clock security. Businesses and gated communities spend immense amount of money in hiring the best security. However, just hiring and posting security guards in your premises is not enough. There needs to be a strong technology to streamline their activities. 93% of the security guards working in the night-shift sleep for multiple hours without the management noticing. CCTV cameras can detect activity however watching 10-12 hours of footage every day is not a feasible solution. With GeoSCOPE™, you can track and monitor your security team in an easy way.

Track and Monitor Security

With GeoSCOPE™, you can create patrol rounds for your security guards. Every patrol round created in GeoSCOPE™ has multiple QR Code based checkpoints which are placed in various locations around your site. When the round begins, the security guard starts his patrol and scans every checkpoint. His location is captured by GeoSCOPE™ which creates a proof of patrol. This helps in creating a standardized routine for his day to day activities. With a powerful and easy reporting system, you can monitor your security team efficiently.

Goodbye Expensive Hardware

Quick and easy deployment

► Traditional guard patrolling systems require expensive hardware for smooth operations.

► With GeoSCOPE™, the hardware is replaced by InteliQR™ codes.

► These codes can be printed and installed as checkpoints instead of installing RFID and Biometric machines.

► Even the security guards do not need any expensive hardware as they can simply install the GeoSCOPE™ app on their mobile phones for scanning the checkpoints.

GeoSCOPE™ Platform Features

GeoSCOPE™ with InteliQR™ Codes have a set of powerful features which ensure smooth and transparent security operations.

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